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Reviews/Evaluation Comments

Intro to Theatre Arts (NDSU)

"Ryan was flexible and welcoming to all students. He has a good sense of humor as well as a positive attitude."

Acting 1 for Non-Majors (NDSU)

"Ryan is extremely friendly and helpful in class. He makes the class fun, informative, and always leaves the class wanting to stay longer to keep learning."

"Ryan does an amazing job of getting people engaged in class. He makes the content really interesting and really brings people out of their comfort zones, in a good way."

"He has a genuine passion for the material and a love for his students."

Development of Musical Theatre (NDSU)

"Ryan is really good at not making me feel insecure about my performances and gives great feedback."

The Art of Acting (KSU) 

"I felt healthily challenged."

"Very organized. He helped me learn and didn't leave me behind when I was struggling."

"We got a lot of feedback on our work."

"I felt respected in this class."

"His communication with the class was great. He emailed us and kept us aware of expectations."

"I loved coming to class. He mad learning fun!"

"Ryan is the best professor I have ever had."

"This class helped me decide to switch from Philosophy to Theatre. This was my most cherished class in school."

The Art of the Theatre (KSU)

"I had no interest in theatre till this class, now I love it!

"Always early, prepared, cheerful, and willing to help."

"Ryan is passionate about the subject which makes him a well developed instructor."

"I loved this course, and the instructor was an amazing teacher."

"This course really makes you think about the true meaning of theatre and artistic expression."

"Ryan is great and made learning easy and fun! He really cares about his students."


3rd Place Winner in the Kent State University Three Minute Thesis Competition

Living in the Gray: A Look at Gender Performance and Performativity

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